INDIANAPOLIS – September 17, 2020 – The coronavirus has drastically changed personal and professional views and expectations about cleanliness in buildings and high traffic environments. Convenient, reliable and safe for both the properties and visitors, dormakaba's Mobile Access Solutions and Touchless Access Solutions are excellent choices to reduce hand-to-door contact in high contact public areas such as healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, offices and restrooms. They offer contactless, barrier-free and user-friendly access that assure secure entry, minimize high frequency touchpoints, and reduce the spread of germs.

Simplified Mobile Solutions Add to the Guest Experience
dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions are touchless, secure, end-to-end mobile credential applications utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communication technology for dormakaba mobile enabled RFID locks. Its BLE Ilco and Saflok RFID locks are the basis for a simplified transition to reliable mobile access. Properties can issue and manage keys on mobile devices to access rooms so visitors only touch their smartphone to check in, check out, ride the elevator or enter their apartment, pool or common area. dormakaba RFID locks currently in use can be converted to BLE.

Automatic Openings Offer Safe, Barrier-Free Access
dormakaba solutions can transform any manual opening door into an automatic opening.

Low Energy Swing Door Operatorscan be used in new construction or retrofit onto existing doors. dormakaba’s swing doors are designed for high traffic and heavy-duty use. Self-learning microprocessor controls adjust swing door speed for smooth opening and closing. Automatics function in low-energy or full-power mode.

Automatic Sliding Doors Operatorsare designed with attractive framing and sleek styles that offer unobstructed views and allow natural light into a building. dormakaba’s sliding doors create easy hands-free access with a silent and smooth door opening. dormakaba doors are tested for one-million cycles in harsh weather.


Touchless Actuatorsdeliver effortless operation for access control, door automation, alerts, and handicap accessibility. dormakaba’s RCI switches provide functional control with a selection of options for momentary release, maintained release, time-delay, or emergency release. For increased operator flexibility, switches can be mounted as a remote switch and/or located at the door.


Expert Mobile and Touchless Access Consulting & Services
dormakaba’s Mobile and Touchless Access Programs can be tailored to meet any building’s needs and simplify adoption. Our service team can conduct site visits for compatibility, offer touchless activation packages and perform a free existing equipment general health check. Contact dormakaba for a free consultation to learn more about how to integrate mobile and touchless access solutions into any property.


Chicago, IL and Vancouver, British Columbia, September 16, 2020 - Hub International Limited (HUB), a leading global insurance brokerage, and InsuraGuest Technologies, Inc.®’s (TSX-V: ISGI) wholly-owned subsidiary, InsuraGuest, Inc. (“InsuraGuest”) announce their premier preferred partnership to provide InsuraGuest’s Hospitality Liability coverage to HUB hotel clients in the U.S. with plans to expand to HUB’s clients in Canada by mid-2021.


InsuraGuest coverage and platform transfers high frequency small property and medical guest claims to reduce risk, decrease premiums and generate revenue for hotel operators.


A considerable amount of a hotel operator’s claims is from small property or medical claims that are frequently applied to the general liability policy. This high frequency in claims drives up premium prices. The InsuraGuest solution transfers the risk from the hotel operator by having guests pay a nominal fee per night.  InsuraGuest then pays out these small claims and keeps them off the general liability policy for the hotel operator. 


“Given the current state of the hospitality industry, it is nice to have a new and exciting tool such as InsuraGuest, which will help us lower a hotel’s overall liability costs through claims avoidance. InsuraGuest costs a hotel owner nothing. In fact, it actually generates new revenue while giving us the means to reduce General Liability premiums by improving guest loss ratios,” said Kevin Eggleston, Managing Director of HUB’s Hospitality Specialty Practice. “By minimizing the frequency of a hotel’s claims, we are able to have better underwriting conversations with the marketplace.”


“We look forward to our premier preferred partnership with HUB, which will allow us to expand our product offering to their more than 9,300 hospitality customers in the U.S. this year and into Canada next year,” said InsuraGuest CEO and Chairman Douglas Anderson.


InsuraGuest is an insurtech company that utilizes a proprietary software platform to deliver specialized Hospitality Liability coverages to member hotel properties. With InsuraGuest custom coverages, properties benefit from an additional layer of protection should a guest experience an accident, in-room property damage, accidental medical and death & dismemberment or theft while staying at an InsuraGuest-covered hotel property. 


Property Management System Integration


InsuraGuest integrates with approximately 70 different property management systems through its proprietary API, which enables the organization to transfer certain liability exposures to the InsuraGuest carrier. By transferring certain liabilities to the InsuraGuest Hospitality Liability coverages, the covered hotel property can lower their claim ratio and risk profile, which may decrease their General Liability premiums.


Generating Revenue for Hotel Operators


Additionally, the InsuraGuest product can help generate revenue for participating hotels or vacation rental properties. The hotel extends the coverage to each and every guest, which is activated at check in, and automatically places the charge on their folio or bundling it with their resort/amenity/urban fee. The complete fee for coverage and software is $4.95 a night, of which the hotel keeps 10%.


Created specifically for InsuraGuest, the Hospitality Liability policy is issued by InsuraGuest Risk Purchasing Group, LLC., and is administered by InsuraGuest Insurance Agency, LLC. CA / LIC:  6001686


With the InsuraGuest product, HUB continues its commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions designed to best manage its clients’ risks and needs.


September 15, 2020


INDIANAPOLIS, September 10, 2020 – The new Keyscan Aurora 1.0.21 access control management software from dormakaba provides a single software solution that powers Keyscan access control systems, regardless of size or complexity.


“We’ve added two innovative integrations: Destination Dispatch, a SMART elevator system, and ButterflyMX, a SMART video intercom system, to make it easier for individuals to move from one place to the next,” said Scott McNulty, Senior Product Manager, Electronic Access and Data. “Both integrations make it easier for users to flow efficiently and securely through the building.”


Reduce elevator wait times by automating

Keyscan Aurora integrates with the Destination Dispatch SMART elevator system, eliminating the need for traditional analog and relay-based connectivity to the elevator dispatching system. This means the elevator will actually already know which floor passengers are going to before they board.Destination Dispatch groups passengers for the same destinations into the same elevators, thereby reducing wait and travel times when compared to a traditional approach where all passengers wishing to ascend or descend enter any available lift and then request their destination.


Here’s how it works:

  • Passengers throughout the building present their access control credentials and call for an elevator using a touchscreen or keypad located near the elevator bank.
  • Destination Dispatch software analyses all elevator call requests and coordinates trips based on passengers’ floor access permissions set by Keyscan’s access control management software.
  • Destination Dispatch directs passengers to an assigned elevator bank.
  • Elevator arrives and takes passengers to their destinations faster and more economically.
  • This integration system is ideal for:

    • Buildings where all elevators in a group do not serve the same floors
    • Buildings with lobby congestion during peak hours
    • Buildings with more than one incoming lobby
    • A single tenant building with a restaurant that is only served by a single elevator in a group
    • A multi-tenant building where the common areas are dispersed throughout the building
    • A multi-tenant building where tenants may require exclusive elevator service
    • Manage access to your facility from your smartphone

    • Integrating a ButterflyMX system with Keyscan Aurora allows tenants to manage access to their facility from their ButterlyMX smartphone app using the permissions set in the Aurora database. They can also receive video calls, call elevators, unlock doors remotely, and grant managed access for delivery and service providers.

    • This integration offers enhanced, cloud-based/cloud-activated security and is ideal for office, co-working, industrial, warehouse and multi-housing settings.

      • Other Keyscan Aurora 1.0.21 enhancements include:

        • Introduction of the new Aurora API for simple, easy customer integrations with 3rd party systems
        • Additional features and improvements to dormakaba wireless locks, BEST offline locks and E-Plex locks
        • Ability to change new and existing credentials and send to one or more sites
      • For a full list of new additions, enhancements and changes in the Aurora 1.0.21, visit the Keyscan Aurora Software page at

TORONTO, ON, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To coincide with International Housekeeping Week, Days Inns Canada today announced a partnership with Serta Simmons Bedding to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of housekeepers at Days Inn locations across Canada.

The “Great Service Deserves to Be Recognized” contest is designed to celebrate the achievements and dedication of housekeeping employees and thank them for their ongoing efforts in keeping hotels safe and clean for guests and staff alike.

“Housekeepers are invaluable team members and contribute to the brand’s success,” said Robb Frias, Vice President of Operations, Realstar Hospitality. “All the more so today, with our new Count on Us initiative focused on enhanced cleaning protocols.”

From now until September 22, 2020, hotel General Managers can nominate their housekeeping associates based on the employee’s accomplishments, guest and/or co-worker feedback and any notable contributions during COVID-19. Nominees will have a chance to win one of seven prizes including a Serta mattress set, a Simmons mattress set and Wyndham Rewards points for gift card redemptions.


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