Vancouver/Victoria, BC (January 15, 2021): BC’s beleaguered tourism and hospitality industry says a ban on inter- provincial, non-essential travel not only goes against Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it would also further cripple a sector that is barely hanging on by a thread. In response to Premier Horgan’s statement yesterday that the province is seeking legal advice to

look at implementing a travel ban, the Tourism Industry Association of BC commissioned a legal opinion that states a travel ban would be difficult to implement because the Supreme Court of Canada has held that Canadians’ mobility rights are among the most cherished rights of citizenship that are fundamental to nationhood. These rights are so important they cannot be overridden by the notwithstanding clause. Government will be required to justify any infringement of those rights by showing they are carefully tailored to solve a real problem that other health measures that do not restrict Canadians’ rights cannot achieve.

The opinion also suggests that it would be challenging for government to justify creating classes of Canadian citizens based on provincial residency, and that the government would have to explain how a provincial ban would be logical and justified when the federal government permits Canadians to travel for non-essential purposes and return to Canada through any province of their choice.

At the same time, the Coalition acknowledges the outstanding work by government and frontline health care workers to manage the pandemic, and stresses that it is not advocating to irresponsibly open the province to all travel at this time. However, industry leaders point out that since the start of the pandemic, the tourism and hospitality industry has supported provincial COVID-19 protocols and prioritized health and safety by developing and implementing extensive health and safety measures to protect guests, employees and residents. The coalition also says that the industry is keen to work with government on solutions to address rogue behaviour and further protect the public regardless of where people come from or reside.

Industry leaders have repeatedly emphasized that travel is not the culprit for the spread of COVID-19, but rather individual behaviour. Coalition members say they are not aware of or have seen any hard data to support further travel restrictions or an outright ban on non-essential travel within BC and to/from other provinces.

Coalition members are urging government to steer away from the notion of a travel ban in favour of working with the industry and communities to educate prospective visitors on their responsibilities vis- à-vis BC health and safety protocols, as well as expected individual behaviour.


Chicago — January 13, 2021 — Hotels are struggling to keep their doors open today, and many are unable to rehire full staff. Frontline employees fortunate enough to be working amidst the ongoing pandemic are wearing more hats and putting themselves at risk each day to deliver the highest levels of guest service in hopes of assuring travelers that their hotels are safe. To recognize these unsung heroes of hospitality, a new digital tipping solution has entered the hospitality scene to provide a contactless, cashless and “appless” enterprise system for digital gratuity with full reporting. Called youtip, the solution is simple and fast for tippers to use, as no app download is required.

“In today’s economy  ̶  even before COVID-19  ̶  businesses are choosing to go cash-free, including hotels, with many encouraging credit-card and contactless payments,” said Sarah Taveprungsenukul, youtip co-founder and CEO. “We’ve all been there. We want to tip service staff, such as the valet parking attendant, bellman or hotel housekeeper for jobs well done, but don’t have enough cash on hand to do so. Taking the time to download a gratuity app is inconvenient, especially for travelers who often find themselves in a time crunch to run to the ATM or who want to limit their exposure to handling germ ridden cash. We developed youtip as the easiest digital tipping solution in the market. Tippers simply scan a QR code displayed anywhere that is visible and convenient, such as a valet stand, on the in-room TV or smart speakers with digital displays, or on an employee’s badge/card. They can also click on links sent directly to them via text or email. This digital scan-and-tip system provides a quick and easy experience for guests and gives operators service feedback in seconds.”

youtip is the brainchild of Doug Miles, co-founder and COO, and a 20-year fintech veteran who too frequently found himself without the cash to tip during business travel. Noticing the rapid adoption of QR codes in the U.S. and smartphone cameras now having QR code reading capability, Miles dusted off an old idea to pitch to Taveprungsenukul, his long-time friend in hospitality. The duo also brought tech-solution developer and friend Nicholas Okuley, youtip co-founder and CTO, to the table to help finetune the offering.

“To achieve mass adoption, the solution had to be faster than cash,” Miles said. “youtip utilizes technology that already exists in your phone rather than requiring an app download. You just scan, tip and go. Our system routes the tip to the business’s bank account along with transaction reporting and guest feedback. This appless solution is a ‘first’ in hospitality, and we anticipate that it will change the way tips are transacted for the foreseeable future.”

Call for Integration Partners!

youtip can integrate with other critical business solutions, such as the property-management systems, point-of-sale systems, accounting/payroll solutions, service optimization systems, and voice/text technologies for hotels. Technology companies in the hospitality space who feel their solution, when tied to youtip, will further help hoteliers to recognize and reward today’s unsung heroes are encouraged to contact youtip at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"By approaching the software with a focus on flexibility, we are able to not only offer a scalable standalone product, but also one that can be tailored to specific customer needs  ̶  whether to express their brand and personality, or seamlessly tie into existing infrastructure thanks to our various partner integrations,” Okuley said.

youtip is PCI compliant and utilizes the built-in security of Apple’s Apple Pay and Google’s G Pay. The company charges a convenience fee on every transaction to the person leaving the tip. QR codes can be leveraged to process both pooled and individual gratuities.

youtip is also ideal for charitable giving/fundraising campaigns. Businesses can use signage with a QR code tied to their charitable organization’s bank account to raise money in the field. Quick digital donations at events and during street fundraising initiatives can be a great way to enhance a fundraising tool kit.

“We are waiving system subscription fees through the end of 2021 to help the hospitality industry recover as quickly as possible,” Taveprungsenukul said, noting that charges may apply for design customizations and third-party integrations, such as PMS, payroll systems and branded mobile applications. “What we are most excited about through this technology launch is that youtip solves two key problems for the service industry: 1) Fewer people are carrying cash, and 2) increased demand for contactless services.”

For more information on youtip, visit For questions about business customization, integration, or enterprise deployment, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


ST-JEROME, QC, Jan. 13, 2021 /CNW/ - Foliot Furniture, a leader in the design and manufacture of quality furnishings for the hospitality and educational housing communities, today announced the appointment of Francis Arseneault as the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Arseneault brings to the company over 20 years' experience in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, both in North America and internationally. The new CEO will assume his functions from Foliot Furniture's head office, based in Saint-Jerome, Canada.

Prior to joining Foliot Furniture, M. Arseneault served as President of Hefty® Waste Storage, business unit of Reynolds Consumer Products (NASDAQ: RCP) in the greater Chicago area.

Before his role with Hefty, Mr. Arseneault held positions of increasing responsibility at RCP, including time as President of the Presto Products brand and VP/General Manager – International and Business Unit Manager - Canada. In these positions, he led the sales, marketing, finance, operations, and distribution functions of multiple brands in Canada, the US and more than 90 countries.

"Beyond his impressive professional background, it is above all Francis's values and energy that have convinced me that he is the best person to guide the company towards the next stages of its growth," said Daniel Foliot, board member, founder and newly retired CEO of Foliot Furniture.

"It is a pleasure and an honor to have been asked to join Foliot Furniture. This company is not only impressive because of the quality of its products and services, but also because of its unique culture where people are at the center of the organization's success." said Mr. Arseneault. " At Foliot, we feel that safety, teamwork, passion and customer focus are embraced by everyone."

" I certainly intend to uphold Mr. Foliot's vision of further developing the company by leveraging our talented employees to ensure the achievement of our ambitious growth plans in the coming years."

" Among the top priorities, our digital transformation, innovation and the conquest of new growth markets are particularly important to me. Having led similar initiatives in the past, I look forward to seeing how much Team Foliot can accomplish."


Saskatoon, SK (January 7, 2021) – The monolith trend has found its way to Saskatoon. Motel 6 - Saskatoon owner Melvin Didyk, decided to ring in the New Year by bringing some joy and happiness to the area in the form of a 12-foot tall monolith.
The shiny silver monolith discretely arrived in the Motel 6 - Saskatoon parking lot on the evening of January 4. With the help of local contractors including SWS Fabrication, Wright Construction, Bridge City Electric and Fairway Lawn Care, the structure was assembled much to the delight of staff and guests!
“During these difficult times, Motel 6 Saskatoon wanted to do something within the community that would lift everyone up together and, if successful, bring a smile to their face,” said Melvin Didyk, hotel owner. “The monolith is a temporary installation, so be sure to pay us a visit before it’s gone!”
If you’re in the area or looking for an adventure, the monolith can be seen at Motel 6 - Saskatoon located at 231 Marquis Drive, Saskatoon, SK.


HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Isaac Collazo, formerly of InterContinental Hotels Group, has been named VP of analytics for STR.

Collazo served in a VP capacity at IHG for the past 18 years, including the last two in competitive intelligence with a focus on performance analysis, predictive analytics, modeling and macroeconomic interpretation. His more than 30-year industry resume also includes earlier positions with Marriott International, Promus Hotel Corporation and La Quinta Inns & Suites.

“This was a unique opportunity to add someone of Isaac’s perspective and expansive industry data experience,” said Amanda Hite, STR president. “Isaac will be an immediate voice in conversations around STR methodology as well as our ongoing product development in the CoStar platform. Long-term, he’ll contribute to the evolution of the holistic solution we will deliver to the industry.”

Collazo is also a longstanding content committee member for the Hotel Data Conference, hosted annually by STR and Hotel News Now.

“The opportunity to work with the premier lodging industry leader to further strengthen its contributions is a dream come true,” Collazo said. “I believe my 30-plus years of working with STR and its data will provide an additional level of understanding that will enable us to further advance the comprehensive solutions that empower our industry. STR’s industry leadership is more important than ever given the impact of COVID-19. I am thrilled to be a part of the STR and CoStar Group teams.”


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