New Survey Results Reveal Business Traveler Behavior


Montvale, NJ (August 28, 2019)—Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) announced today the results of a survey they recently conducted which analyzed behavior and trends among North American business travelers. The findings from 1,000 respondents across Canada and the United States show that convenience is key – and there’s a definite demand for a balance between the convenience of technology and the personalization of human assistance.

Technology Improves the Travel Experience

“These findings substantiate our approach to technology and our business strategies over the last several years,” said Charlene Leiss, President of Flight Centre Travel Group Corporate Brands. “As a company, we’ve invested a significant amount of time and resources to strengthen our technology offering and challenge the status quo in the way we deliver convenience and functionality to our travelers. These results have inspired us to further sharpen our focus on elevating current technology, introducing new technology, and staying ahead of the curve, while we strive to raise industry standards.”

Travel applications like Flight Centre Travel Group’s SAM, give today’s business travelers access to a seamless and immersive mobile experience. The award-winning mobile travel assistant delivers a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integrated travel consultant support. It provides users with the key features that not only makes travel easier, but also more fun.

In addition to real-time information, such as flight delays, weather updates and gate changes, SAM also tracks travelers’ locations, provides interactive city guides and offers up travel tips and advice. Enhancements for SAM are still forthcoming with the official integration launch slated for January 2020.

However, for all the travelers who use mobile applications, and the roughly 30% that don’t, nearly ALL respondents said they still seek human assistance to resolve problems on the road.

Human Assistance Still Critical

91% of business travelers surveyed said that they appreciate the personalization and efficiency that human assistance provides in an emergency or unplanned situation. In fact, more than 64% of respondents said they seek human support in the event of a flight cancellation. More than 56% of travelers said that they call upon a travel manager to assist them with changes in their travel arrangements.

Only 8.4% of respondents said they never seek the help of a travel manager. This means that the need for corporate travel management companies is still apparent – particularly those like FCM or Corporate Traveler that offer a blend of innovative technology and stellar customer service. The value of a travel management company is most embraced by employees at large companies and people with high travel needs, such as C-level executives.

Survey results further underscore the fact that the business traveler experience has evolved quickly alongside the leisure travel experience. Today’s business traveler seeks personalization, convenience and comfort. They want options and flexibility, and they want their travel to align with their personal needs and preferences. They seek booking tools that offer today’s mobile technology and intelligence.

As a result, travel management companies, like FCM and Corporate Traveler are increasing their use of AI to review individual patterns to help further tailor experiences, and increase attachment, adoption and engagement within the program. 

While today’s travel managers are taking a more traveler-centric approach to the travel program, making sure the best tools are in place to offer in-trip services and conveniences, at the heart of travel management are the people, expertise and commitment to customer service. Studies show, this data point, is invariably true.

Visit FCTG’s whitepaper for more insight on business traveler behavior and trends.