MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis., USA, (June 27, 2024) — Bradley Company broadens its popular Euro Style Restroom Partition Collection with two new ultra-private models that extend from floor to ceiling, creating a spectacular backdrop – and refined personal retreat – in commercial washrooms.


The new Euro Style floor-to-ceiling privacy partition models, Skyline Series and Highrise Series, join Bradley’s original offering of Euro Style Partitions, the Float, Lucent and Loft Series, which are also designed with privacy-enhancing features. The full collection of five distinctive partition models adds European elegance, sophisticated style and high design features to restroom creations. Advanced new materials and sturdy construction make these partitions as long-lasting as they are beautiful.

“Bradley's Highrise and Skyline Series Euro Style partitions set a new gold standard for privacy and sophistication in commercial restroom design,” said Kristine Hein, associate product manager, Bradley. “These floor-to-ceiling partitions offer an unparalleled blend of elegance, functionality and personal space.”

Introducing Skyline and Highrise Series

The two newest additions to Euro Style Partitions feature luxurious design combined with a fully enclosed, floor-to-ceiling system. Both Skyline and Highrise Series are custom-engineered to the precise dimensions of each restroom application to ensure a perfect fit and the utmost privacy.

Specifically, Skyline Euro Style floor-to-ceiling partitions are made from opulent-looking enameled tempered glass. Available in a variety of soothing colors, Skyline features elegant, streamlined glass panels that bring light and brightness to the restroom. Precision-engineered to the room’s exact measurements, Skyline privacy enclosures provide beauty and comfort.

Alternatively, Highrise Euro Style floor-to-ceiling partitions create a fully enclosed, private and striking design. Made of durable water-resistant Phenolic LT material, the ceiling-high construction of the partition wall is not only a design element but a centerpiece of the room design. Doors, sides and dividing walls reach from the floor to the ceiling creating a personal and private space for users. Highrise Series also offers LED occupancy indicators, which turn from green to red, to assist restroom guests. 

In addition to meticulous craftsmanship and exact measurements, Skyline and Highrise Series both feature noise-minimizing features. Quiet, soft-closing doors, combined with the floor-to-ceiling structure, helps limit background noise, creating a truly private oasis that is comfortable and easy to use.

Research underscores the quest for more privacy in public restrooms

While a public restroom is by definition “public,” research shows that a majority of U.S. adults want more privacy when using restrooms. Bradley’s Healthy Handwashing Survey™found that 70% of Americans feel public restroom stalls lack sufficient “coverage.” Nearly 60% would like the gaps around stall doors and walls eliminated and almost half favor stall doors that extend all the way to the floor.

“In many of today’s public restrooms, privacy has emerged as a flashpoint for creating a comfortable, safe environment for all users,” said Hein. “By eliminating the gaps between the doors and pilasters, as well as the open spaces between the floor and ceiling, Bradley’s Euro Style Partition models help de-stress the public restroom experience and create a peaceful refuge.

“With their innovative floor-to-ceiling design, Skyline and Highrise Series set an unprecedented benchmark for ultimate privacy in commercial spaces.

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