ELMSFORD, NY, USA, January 25, 2021 / -- InfoValue Computing, Inc., a name that has been synonymous with IPTV innovation since 1994, is rebranding as Vytio (pronounced “vit-ee-o”) – a name that more specifically, and accurately speaks to its solutions and products.

Vytio will replace the InfoValue brand in markets around the world, including the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, LATAM, and Asia.

“Our name changed to more clearly represent our vision as we continue to grow the business,” said Vytio CEO Aubrey Flanagan. "It better aligns with our focus as an innovative IPvideo company, and will strengthen the thirty-year success of InfoValue Computing.”

[Vytio] better aligns with our focus as an innovative IP-video company, and will strengthen the thirty-year success of InfoValue Computing.” Aubrey Flanagan, CEO

Employing its field-tested and proven IPTV middleware framework, Vytio provides curated solutions optimized for hospitality, enterprise, and residential care IPTV implementations. In addition to these solutions, Vytio is excited to announce two standalone products; VytioCast, a Chromecast Management product for hospitality implementations, as well as VytioProbe, an IP video signal monitoring and diagnostics tool.

Vytio is not just a brand change, it’s a complete modernization of the company. While the core software platform and mission remain the same, huge efforts have been made to modernize and improve the solution as well as the business model – to accommodate the modern marketplace and customer.