New Keyscan Aurora Integrations Optimize Performance


INDIANAPOLIS, September 10, 2020 – The new Keyscan Aurora 1.0.21 access control management software from dormakaba provides a single software solution that powers Keyscan access control systems, regardless of size or complexity.


“We’ve added two innovative integrations: Destination Dispatch, a SMART elevator system, and ButterflyMX, a SMART video intercom system, to make it easier for individuals to move from one place to the next,” said Scott McNulty, Senior Product Manager, Electronic Access and Data. “Both integrations make it easier for users to flow efficiently and securely through the building.”


Reduce elevator wait times by automating

Keyscan Aurora integrates with the Destination Dispatch SMART elevator system, eliminating the need for traditional analog and relay-based connectivity to the elevator dispatching system. This means the elevator will actually already know which floor passengers are going to before they board.Destination Dispatch groups passengers for the same destinations into the same elevators, thereby reducing wait and travel times when compared to a traditional approach where all passengers wishing to ascend or descend enter any available lift and then request their destination.


Here’s how it works: